Programme specifications include information on:

  • course outcomes
  • learning, teaching and assessment methods
  • employability and transferable skills
  • overall course structure.

If you are applying to the University of Westminster, programme specifications provide an indication of your course structure. If you are a current student or alumnus, they can be useful in providing a summary of your course when making applications for jobs or further study. 

You can find full information about your course in your Course Handbook.

Programme specifications for courses starting in 2019/20 

You can find programme specifications for our 2019/20 courses on our course pages

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Programme specifications for courses that started in 2018/19 or before

Find programme specifications for courses that started in 2018/19 or before:

What is a programme specification?

Programme specifications are developed and updated as part of the formal course approval processes known as Validation or Review and are then regularly updated by the course team and approved by Quality and Standards.

Admissions requirements, course content and delivery can be subject to change. This can be in response to student feedback through questionnaires or course committees, annual reports from external examiners, feedback from the sector or industry advisers or as part of the regular review process by course teams. You will be advised of any significant changes to your course by the course team.

Programme specifications can also be used by Professional and Statutory Bodies, employers and industry as a useful guide to content and outcomes of a course.